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The Career That Comes With An Extended Family

Being part of a police department certainly comes with a myriad of challenges.  For some recruits, they’ve chosen to protect and serve the community they grew up in.  For many others, the adventure begins far from home.  If they are lucky enough to be hired at the Mesa Police Department, they not only benefit from an exhaustive training program, but they become part of something bigger and better. They don’t just have the support of a growing and proud community, they gain an extended family, more than 1200 people strong. 

When one member faces a crisis, the support is unmatched.

Meet Detective Charlie White. Detective White grew up in a small, impoverished town in Kentucky before joining the U.S. Army.  After her military service, she joined Mesa PD as an officer and more recently is working as a detective in the Special Victims Unit. 

A few weeks ago, Detective White’s family and hometown in Kentucky was devastated by unexpected, historic flooding. Detective White lost family and friends in the flooding and others are still missing.

“Most homes have been swept away, the ones that do remain are severely damaged and most roads are gone. Several family members and friends lost their lives attempting to escape their homes and as the days go by, more are being recovered in the debris. The flood death toll is at 38 as of today and will continue to rise as there are many still unaccounted for as of today.” – Det. Charlie White

As time goes by, the help there is also diminishing. Detective White’s family members and loved ones in the community who survived, only have the clothes they left in as they stay in shelters. Others are living in tents where their homes once stood and are likely to be in this situation for months to come. Unfortunately, there isn’t much help being provided to this remote area and most are being told they don’t qualify for any assistance at all. 

While Detective White continues to serve our community, we want to help support her. There are two disaster relief funds that have been set up and are accepting donations.

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