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About Crime Newz

In a market dominated by foreign big tech companies, Crime Newz is America’s crime news and breaking news application, Made in America. Crime Newz is a news aggregator and search engine service app that allows news junkies and news novices to see what’s happening in the community around them.

Did we mention Crime News is a private U.S.-based company and isn’t funded by foreign interests or big tech?

A National Collaborative Coastal Community Media Project

Established in 2008, the Shore NewsNetwork is a reliable source of breaking news from coast to coast, catering to shoreline and coastal communities in New  Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Texas, Florida, Ohio and more.    We create authentically local news content, perform investigative journalism and package that with the nation’s top headlines to keep our community informed about what’s local and what’s important today.

In 2019, Shore News grew to encompass all of New Jersey.  In 2020, we grew again, covering news from the entire East Coast, Gulf Coast, and Pacific Coast.  News from shore-based communities is the primary focus of the Shore News Network.  Today, Shore News Network covers over 200 communities, large and small across America.

A Distributed News Media Platform

Shore News Network is a distributed news and media platform serving residents of New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Florida, Texas and California. Our distributed community news platform puts the power of the media into the hands of the community by working directly with the organizations within the community to deliver grassroots-style news media services to the community.  Many of the stories you see on Shore News Network are produced by the communities we serve and have partnered with, including local law enforcement agencies, fire departments, state agencies, businesses and other news providers.  Anyone can submit their news to Shore News Network by using our online news reporting form, and we’ll have a reporter contact you about your story.

“Your News” is combined with our own hard-hitting investigative journalism, street-level community reporting and a sprinkling of news from our news media partners.

How We Serve the Community

As the mainstream media model continues its decline by delivering only half of the news story, SNN is growing rapidly every day because we empower the community, providing communities with a broad media platform that allows easy access to our over 10,000,000 readers annually.  Your community organization’s news is important to SNN, because it’s those types of organizations that are the backbone of America’s coastal communities.

Shore News Network also empowers Main Street USA, providing local businesses with a cost-effective outlet to the media-consuming masses here in New Jersey and beyond to our entire coverage area.

Your News on the Go

You can find shore news at www.shorenewsnetwork.com or in the following news apps:  Google News, Newsbreak, Flipboard, Reddit and more.

Crime Newz is operated by Shore News Media & Marketing Ltd. 301 Route 17 North, Suite 800 # 12-40 Rutherford NJ 07070.  732-333-3208.